Our Mission

To help our clients align their decision making behaviour with their sense of purpose, goals and values by changing the way they think about money and their life.

Our Approach

We help you to rediscover your Why and then help you to use your financial resources to prepare for life transitions and to create a purposeful, happy and healthy life now and in retirement.

The traditional financial planning process usually starts with your financial goals. We believe having financial goals is important but more relevant towards the end of the financial planning process. Financial goals are often too far out in to the future and frequently never achieved because of life changes, change in investment markets and legislation.

Our process starts with your Why and focuses not only on your future goals (possibilities) but also life’s big transitions as they are going to happen. We consider your past, current and future circumstances to help develop your financial goals. Our process is shown below:

longwave wealth process graph

Five steps to life freedom

Step One – Your WHY

The big question we need to answer here is: Am I managing my money in a way that is improving my life?

In this step, we help you find out if are you using your money in a way that is improving your life. We do this by asking you to complete a quiz called the “ROL Index”. We also dig into your values at this point to see if you are using your money in alignment with them.

We then explore the nine key areas of your life on the outside of the circle below. (The importance of these areas of your life and what they mean to you will change as your life changes.)

Step Two – Your story

The big question we need to answer here is: How did I arrive at my perspectives on money?

At this stage, we take a deep dive into your story. We investigate how you arrived at your perspectives on money across areas including debt, insurance, children, savings, spending, giving and investing. We call this your “Fiscalosophy”. We find out what your main concerns and priorities are, and what experience you have had with financial planning.

Step Three – Your transitions

The big question we need to answer here is: Am I financially prepared for life’s big transitions?

During this part of the process, we find out if you are financially prepared for life's big transitions. We will also prepare your “Financial Lifeline”. This is a time-line looking forward into the future to see what transitions are likely to happen and how you should prepare for them. We explore these transitions and help you prepare for them, including health, financial, retirement, giving, family and work/career.

Step Four – Your possibilities

This is where we explore the dreams you have, the passions you wish to pursue and how your money can get help achieve those dreams. Without a vision of your future and an action plan to get you get there, you may never achieve your full potential, be it in the retirement phase of your life or whilst you are busy working and raising a family.

We liken this step to helping you find your “Perfect Wave”. A wave that you hope will never end and provides you will fulfilment and enjoyment.

Step Five – Your Longwave Plan

After exploring your past, present and future and helping you to find your “Perfect Wave”, we bring all this together in your Longwave Plan. This is a comprehensive financial plan covering your key financial requirements. It is life-centred, purposeful, tax effective and based on the funding of your future life plan.

Your Longwave Plan makes sure your “Perfect Wave” is a long wave that never ends and helps you prepare for the transitions from one stage in your life to the next so that your wave is a long smooth ride.

Waves of Life

  • Prepare for life's big transitions;
  • Review your progress towards your goals;
  • Help you through major life transitions when they occur;
  • Assist you making rational financial decisions that are in alignment with your sense of purpose, goals and values; and
  • Navigate the risks of retirement.

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