How to plan for non-financial goals in retirement

How to plan for non-financial goals in retirement

You may be about to retire or a significant birthday has reminded you that you are getting older! Your first thoughts are probably money issues, such as how to save enough for retirement, how much do I need and how long will my money last? These are all very important questions, but have you considered planning your non-financial goals in retirement?

The focus of retirement planning is often all about quantitative financial goals. But, in my experience finding out what your non-financial goals are is the most difficult part of the retirement planning process.

“To establish what your retirement planning goals should be, start with qualitative issues and consider what the money is for?”

We use the following ways to help our clients establish their non-financial goals in retirement:

Retirement Planning Vision

What is the vision of your retirement?  Have you explored all your options and considered the impact on everything else that is important to you.

Ideal Week in Retirement

When you cease work, you will have 52 weeks of the year to fill. Taking the time to consider how you will spend your time is a worthwhile exercise to realise what you want to do and how much money you will then need.

Retirement Planning Worksheet

Often we do not realise that our work provides a lot more than income to meet our needs and save for retirement. Working through what you are leaving behind, will help you find the gaps in your life before you retire.

Retirement Planning Non Financial Goals

Retirement Profile

Often this is a time where you and your partner will now have more time to spend with each other. Having an understanding of what each other’s plans and dreams for the next 50 years of life will help you avoid the dreaded “grey divorce”.


Just like investment markets, retirement will not be a smooth process and there may be times when you enjoy it more than others. We review your return on retirement (“ROR”) each year and explore new options that may need to be considered.


As retirement planning financial advisors we believe every person can have a happy, healthy and purposeful retirement if they start the process by thinking about their retirement planning non-financial goals. Then, you will have a foundation to begin ‘number crunching’ what you will need to retire.

As part of our 7 Step Retirement Plan process, we not only make sure your retirement is financially secure, through our EPIC Retirement Coaching services. But, we also make sure you are mentally, physically and emotionally ready for retirement and make your next 50 your best 50!

Discussion question

What are some of the retirement planning non-financial goals you have established for your retirement? Comment below.

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