How can you maximise your return on retirement?

How can you maximise your return on retirement?

A common question pre-retirees ask is how much money they will need to retire? This is a very difficult question to answer and is most often a guess and yet, in my opinion the starting point for almost all retirement planning.

At Longwave Wealth we start by asking ‘how can you maximise your return on retirement?’

To find out what your money is for and how you can maximise your return on retirement, we help you discover your non financial retirement goals and in turn your financial retirement goals and not assume that you already know what they are.

Return on Retirement

At Longwave Wealth, we believe everyone can have a long and happy retirement by finding out how you can maximise your return on retirement for the following reasons:

1. Retirement Financial Security

Having financial security is an important part of planning your retirement and part of our process. However, if you are not happy and enjoying retirement, your financial security will soon become irrelevant.

The financial impact of commencing retirement without proper planning of the non-financial side of your life, will soon derail all the best financial retirement planning strategies.

2. Retirement Calculator

To calculate how much you need for retirement, you need to first understand what you will be doing in retirement so that you can the cost that lifestyle.

Your lifestyle cost is often not just a simple number based on the best guess and requires an understanding of what you would like to be doing at different phases of your retirement.

3. Retirement Planning Goals

To expanding your thinking about what you will do in retirement we explore 9 lifestyle areas such as shown in the image below. You can then set retirement planning goals that challenge your mind, body and spirit and include not only financial but also non-financial goals.

By using a process to explore these lifestyle areas, you may see opportunities, for this phase of your life in a new light and be able to fulfil areas of your life that would otherwise never be realised.

Return on Retirement

4. Retirement Relationships

You and your partner will be together a lot more of the time in retirement and it is important to jointly explore what your ideal retirement would be like and consider what you would like to do jointly and apart.

Once you have been through this process and decided upon how you will be able to enjoy this next phase of your life, you will have the basis for costing your retirement and deciding how much money you will need for retirement.

5. Retirement Transition

Retiring is a life transition event rather than an event in itself. As with all major transitions, they require careful planning before, during and after on not only the financial impact but also the mental and emotional impact of the transition.

Various decisions are to be made that will have a financial impact and without proper consideration, mistakes can be costly and impact on your ability to enjoy your retirement years. The process is ongoing as you move through different phases of your retirement and requires review and adjustment.

6. Retirement Purpose

Having a sense of purpose is one of the keys to long term happiness. To maximise your return on retirement and to calculate how much you need for retirement, you will need to consider what your retirement purpose will be.

Your retirement purpose may involve working or it could be something completely different and may or may not involve a monetary reward. However whatever your purpose will be, it is fundamental to having a long, happy and healthy retirement.


Retirement planning should commence by asking the right question. By considering these keys to retirement you will have a better foundation to decide how much you need for retirement.

As part of our 7 step retirement plan, we help you create a retirement plan that includes consideration of the above keys to help you plan a retirement that makes sure your next 50 is your best 50!

If you would like to find out how to maximise your return on retirement, please take the quiz below and find out your results.

Return on Life Quiz

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Have you thought about how you will maximise your return on retirement and fulfil those long-suppressed dreams?


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