Four Keys to Planning an EPIC Retirement

Retirement Coaching: Four Keys to Planning an EPIC Retirement

Recently I attended my Uncle’s 90th birthday, an uncle I had not caught up with for many years. His milestone birthday was a great opportunity to see him and my relatives. Whilst he had a few more grey hairs, my uncle was not much different mentally, physically or emotionally from the man I had known for many years. A retired headmaster, he is still very sharp and inquisitive, enquiring about both me and my family. He still lives in his own home, surrounded by a beautiful garden and regularly plays 18 holes of golf without a motorised golf cart, scoring below 90 for a round to boot!

” At Longwave Wealth we believe every person can have an E.P.I.C retirement like my uncle, by making sure your retirement plan includes both financial issues and non-financial issues, with retirement coaching”


Retirement Coaching

So what is an EPIC retirement?

Our new video, The EPIC Retirement, describes four key elements to ensure your retirement is a time where you thrive, not just survive.

The four keys are also discussed below:


The traditional retirement age of 65 is not relevant to everyone. Our ability and desire to be engaged in the community differ, as well as our health and attitude. You can still be of great value to your community after the age of 65 and many baby boomers are planning to and are working beyond the age of 65 to stay engaged with the workplace.


Have you ever noticed how a friend or colleague does not seem happy when they have retired? This can be partially attributed to lacking a purpose in life. It is important to plan your retirement as more of a transition to a new life not just a retirement from your business or career.


Whilst the thought of spending more time with family, playing golf or travelling might be appealing when we are thinking about retirement, these leisure pursuits can lose their attraction when that is all you have to do for the rest of your life. Having a balance between vocation and vacation helps you stay integrated with your community.


A common element for these retirees that thrive in retirement is they can continue to continue to challenge their mind, body and spirit no matter how old they are.


To make sure our clients thrive not just survive their retirement years, we have a 7 step retirement planning process which includes our E.P.I.C Retirement coaching services. Our goal is to make sure our clients second 50 is a time when they thrive and not just survive retirement.

To learn about how we help our clients live an EPIC Retirement, contact us about our retirement coaching services and we’ll get right back to you.


What observations have you observed about your family and friends who are thriving and not just surviving in retirement?


The ART of Retirement Planning

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