Hi, my name is Geoff Ivanac and I’m the founding director of Longwave Wealth. I’m a Financial Planner and Transition Planning Consultant with 35 years' experience in Accounting, Financial Planning, Estate and Succession planning.

My Why


I enjoy spending time with my family and being involved as much as possible in their activities especially their sporting pursuits and have been known to get a bit carried away with it all.


I try to stay as fit and healthy as possible by doing yoga, swimming and playing golf and tennis when I get the opportunity to.


I have been a member of Scarborough Rotary for several years. I enjoy helping out in the community and the fellowship that rotary provides. I am a volunteer surf life saver with the Scarboro Surf Life Saving Club.


I love spending time at the beach and very fortunate to live and work nearby the iconic Scarborough Beach. I enjoy swimming, surfing and going for long walks listening to podcasts.

Why Longwave?

Surfing is not about the end of the wave, it's about being in the wave and enjoying the wave. Financial planning should be the same, it's about enjoying the journey and helping you to use your money to improve your life.

My role is to help you find your Perfect Wave then help you stay on the wave and enjoy the ride to make sure it is a Longwave.

By helping you to rediscover your 'Why" and helping you establish your goals and strategies to achieve them, you will get the true benefit of financial planning. One size does not fit all. We each have our own goals, dreams and set of circumstances that we need to deal with.

Just like surfing, we each have our own version of a perfect wave.

My approach to financial planning

The journey of life rarely goes as planned. Life transitions occur without warning and frequently these unplanned life transitions have a large financial impact. We help you prepare for the certainty of the uncertainty of these life transitions. We help you avoid making irrational decisions in times of uncertainty.

My long background in accounting, estate planning and succession planning has shown me that financial planning must start with a purpose. That purpose is the foundation from which to then build your financial plan.

Your plan must be comprehensive. It must incorporate all aspects of your financial life. I also believe that financial planning like yoga is never mastered and is a continuous practice of improvement, development and refinement. It is not possible to have a Longwave Plan prepared by a machine.

It is a very human experience.

My goals

Financial planning is traditionally focussed on the accumulation of wealth. However, research has shown that financial security is only one of five keys to happiness.

Longwave Wealth’s goal is to put you, rather than your money, at the centre of the planning process, and places equal importance on all five keys to happiness.

Retirement planning is traditionally focussed on numbers; how much you need for retirement and how much you will spend. However, retirement is being redefined. The benefits of health and modern medicine mean people are living well beyond the traditional retirement age of 65.

My goals for your retirement planning involve both funding that extra time and considering how you can stay mentally and physically healthy so you are engaged with your community and continue to pursue your passions for this longer period of time.

Our Core Values

value objectivity


Help you make rational financial decisions that are in alignment with your sense of purpose, goals and values.

value education


Keep abreast of technical and legislative changes

value partnership


Work in collaboration with you to create your Longwave Plan

value accountability


Hold you accountable to your Why Regularly review your life transitions & why

value organisation


Help you bring all elements of your financial life together

value life transitions

Life transitions

Work with you to anticipate important life transitions & plan for them

value purpose


Help you find your “Perfect Wave” so that you have a solid foundation to start planning your future

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