7 Reasons Why it is Time to Re-think ‘Retirement’

7 reasons why its time to re-think retirement

Are you approaching 50 and feel like you should be thinking about retirement but the thought of a traditional retirement seems like a very remote possibility?

You may not believe that “retirement" is for you, you may still have children at school or believe your best years are ahead of you and you do not want to retire in the traditional sense.

In my experience, traditional retirement planning is centered on quantitative financial matters such as legal, finance and tax matters and does not give adequate consideration to the issues that are really going to make a difference to your retirement such as the qualitative matters or non-financial issues.

The result a one - dimensional approach to financial and retirement planning which is not suitable for everyone and can leave many poorly prepared for the next phase of your life and disinterested in planning for retirement.

Retirement planning advice needs to be multi-dimensional and consider financial, emotional, physical and mental issues to help you have a long, happy and healthy retirement. I believe it is time to re-think retirement planning!

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning advice should include the following key components so that it is relevant for everyone:



Often for executives, professionals and business owners, accountants and solicitors use complex structures. Having a background as a chartered accountant and estate planning specialist we understand this complexity and make sure your financial plan works within these constraints so that the advice compliments what you have already received.

The structures developed by your accountants and solicitors assist us in ongoing planning to grow your wealth, protect your assets and to manage your taxation liabilities.



We commence our retirement planning process by finding out how you can use your money to create more happiness in your life. We do this by asking a series of questions about your history, current situation and possibilities for the future.

We do this to help you create a Future Life Plan where you not only have financial security but are able to enjoy each phase of your life including retirement.

alignment ducks in a row for retirement


With a varied background in accounting, taxation, estate planning and financial planning, we can view life events and financial decisions that you need to make in a different way. We have the benefit of education, experience and 'know how' to guide you and help you make more informed decisions at the right time.

We liken our approach to retirement planning to Roger Federer who sees the tennis ball coming towards him through a different lens than that of every other player before him or after him. This unique lens allows him to play shots like no other player at the right time.

For every financial or lifestyle decision that you make, we use our unique lens to help you make sure the decisions are in line with your purpose and values.

life transitions

Life transitions

The old version of retirement is now outdated because we are living longer and could possibly be retired 30 to 50 years and acknowledge the benefits of working and being engaged in our community. Your retirement may be multi-stage involving many transitions and not a single one-dimensional phase of your life and might involve continuing to work in different capacities or occupations.

Retirement is a major life transition, and to make it matter requires careful planning to make sure you prepared mentally, physically, emotionally and financially for this transition.


Family story

All wealth creation and preservation recommendations are provided with an understanding of the fundamentals of estate planning so that there are no surprises in the event of someone passing or who becomes unable to make decisions because of incapacity.

In addition to making sure that the basics of estate planning are addressed, we also look forward and proactively manage the transition of wealth from one generation to the next, so that your wealth is retained in your family for multiple generations.



Throughout our retirement planning process, we help you to enjoy your own version retirement but at the same time, make sure you enjoy the journey through the different phases of retirement.

Our role is to help you find your purpose that you bring you happiness, health and financial security.



We believe wealth is not one-dimensional. We believe that there are several dimensions to wealth including, structural capital, social capital, human capital, societal capital, family capital and financial capital.

Having a focus on all six capitals helps not only create more happiness in our clients lives but also assists in being able to successfully transition “wealth" from one generation to the next.


We believe every person can have a long, happy and healthy life by receiving retirement planning advice that is multi-dimensional that includes the 7 key components listed above.

We recommend that the retirement planning process you use should help you plan your retirement so that you can have certainty that you will be financially secure, content that you will be able to pursue your passions and have someone to assist in making balanced decisions that are in line with your purpose and values as you transition from one phase of your life to the next.

To find out how you can make your next 50 your best 50, please contact us to schedule a time to discuss your transition to retirement.


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Have you considered all the above in your retirement planning?

If you would like to find out why you should and how to do it, please contact us via the contact form below to arrange a telephone discussion.

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