Traditional financial planning can be one dimensional with a focus on your money. We provide purposeful life centred financial planning and put your life or “Your Why” at the centre of our process.

We help you rediscover your Why so that you can live a purposeful, happy and healthy life now and in retirement.

purposeful life centred financial planning

Our goals for you

Financial security

Having financial security is a fundamental requirement for all stages of life. We make sure you have a comprehensive financial plan that ensures your wealth is preserved and protected to enable you to use your money to enjoy life both now and when you retire.

Redefined retirement

You will potentially have a lot of time to fill in retirement. You need to plan what you will do with your time in retirement to replace the fulfilment your work or business provided you with. A purposeful financial plan will enable you to plan a retirement that is purposeful, provides you with meaning and is fully funded.


Having financial security is important for happiness, however just as important is having the time to do everything that you wish to do. A life-centred financial plan will explore ways to free up your time so that you are able to enjoy life now and in retirement.


As we get busier with working, mortgages, family and career we spend less time doing the things or activities that provide us with meaning and purpose. Our life-centred financial planning approach will enable us to use your money to improve your life and have balance in life between all the things that are important to you.

Purposeful Estate Planning

Having a purposeful life-centered plan that provides you with meaning and alignment with your values will provide you with the time to consider your legacy or the mark you wish to make.

Your legacy could be financial and non-financial. Our purposeful financial planning process will help you explore the legacy you wish to leave, implement it and review it regularly and to avoid leaving a mess behind.

Who does Longwave Wealth work with?


We help pre-retirees answer the following questions:


  • How much do I need for retirement?
  • How do I fund my retirement? What are the best strategies to use?
  • How do I invest for retirement? How much money do I need outside of superannuation and inside of superannuation?
  • What will my lifestyle cost in retirement and how long will my money last?


  • What will I do with my spare time?
  • How will I maintain my social connections?
  • How will I stay mentally and physically healthy?
  • Where will I live and how will I last in retirement?
  • How will I achieve my unfilled dreams?

Business owners

These people are generally 50 years and older, have managed a successful business for many years, but do not have a succession plan in place for their business and do not know how to make a start. We help them answer the following questions:


  • How much do I need to sell my business for?
  • How do I maximise the value of my business?
  • How do I structure my business for sale?
  • How do I minimise tax on the sale of the business?


  • How do I start preparing my business for sale?
  • Who could I sell my business to?
  • What will I do when I sell my business?
  • How will I derive purpose from life when my business is sold?
  • How will my partner/spouse and I get on when the business is sold? How will this change our relationship?
  • How do I avoid regrets about selling the business?

Learn how to use your money to improve your return on life without sacrificing tomorrow.

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